We secure your earnings and momentum in trying times when your rainmakers and strongest value creators quit their jobs. We have identified critical roles, critical talent and capabilities for two decades - and there is nothing we love doing more.

Whether you are looking to secure your earnings through pre-hiring successors to your critical roles or you're looking to diversify your workforce - we will get you there.


Scouting for business talents, engaging with them and getting to know of their aspirations and triggers of stellar behaviour is what makes us capable of providing them when you need them the most. Even more important we provide you with key learning on how to keep your critical roles occupied by your own toptalents for as long as it makes sense.

You could argue that our product is insurance. Part I is engaging your talents and Part II is building talent pipelines. Let us help you safeguard your business by securing that your critical roles are manned and operational at all times. 




Some of your employees are placed in critical roles. More often than not you'll find less than 25 of them in a global organization.  These critical roles are likely to contribute up to 30 percent of your turnover through: 

  • intricate relations with key clients and major stakeholders

  • unique knowledge of your industry and markets

  • being an inspiration and beacon to coworkers   


These are people you want to hold on to through engagement or any other means necessary. Make it your business to keep them happy taking care of their business.

We will help you identify them and figure out how to keep them within your organization. 


At some point in time however your talents will leave you, and when they do, even if it is only one or a few at a time, it will impact your earnings severely. You can reduce that impact considerably by preparing for it.

Let us help you figure out what mad skills these talents have, make a global map of their peers, engage in dialogue with them and interest them in pursuing a future career with your company - once the position becomes available.

You will save precious time and money by not standing on your heels when it happens, and be able to offer your critical role to a likeminded toptalent already vetted on skillset, competencies, credibility in the market, background, cognitive skills, mobility and terms - and recognized by key clients.

We will safeguard your critical roles by building pipelines of global talents ready to engage.



Thomas has for the past two years been the Commercial HR partner in Maersk Tankers and I have, as Chief Commercial Officer, been very pleased with the work performed by Thomas. He has assisted me in recruiting a completely new leadership team focusing on creating diversity of thought.

Once in place he has helped me bring the team together through the use of the Drexler Sibbet team performance model.

Through a tough and honest process Thomas has forced me and every other member of the team to drive conflicts out in the open, shy away from personal agendas and drive team accountability. This journey will never end but without Thomas it would never have started.

Christian M. Ingerslev
CEO at Maersk Tankers

Thomas has been an excellent sparring partner and active coach in bringing our leadership team from level 1 to level 5 in Drexler Sibbet High Performance team model.


Furthermore he has contributed significantly by search and recruitment of key competencies/people as well as competence assessment linked to individual development plan of all employees in our area.

Egil Møller Nielsen, SVP, Head of business, SmartCentres

Thomas has recruited VP level positions and below for Vestas. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the candidates we ended up hiring as well as the process, Thomas is very experienced in both search and selection including testing.


I have used Thomas on several organizational development initiatives, most recently 2 projects: one being centered around competency assessment and development of a global sourcing organization and another one focusing on customer evaluation and perception of a global function. In both cases, Thomas has been able to deliver strong results in a short period of time. His approach is hands-on and results-oriented, and making sure that expectations are clearly aligned up front and delivered upon.

Torben Poulsen, Koncerndirektør, Group Sales & Operations (EVP) at SE



Why you will enjoy working with us

We dedicate our energy on you - and not a single one of your competitors. 

This is how our service was designed in the first place. Focusing on only one company out of an entire industry - looking for leverage helping this company to beat competition. And it works.

In other words we can assist one global company within a global industry, or one regional company within a regional industry. No more. One company will get exclusivity.

Let us assist you in becoming the winner of your industry


But we know people and organizations like the inside of our pockets!




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