We safeguard your critical roles by building pipelines of global talents ready to engage



your business advantage (results)

how it works (process)

Only a handful of global companies are already industry leaders when it comes to backing up their toptalents with more than a single successor. 

With more benched toptalents you reduce the risk of having to experience an empty drivers seat.

More often than not great companies discount the search for top-talent due to time constraints, and end up searching for talent on local markets, giving themselves 2-3 months, and then picks the best 1 out of 5 of those that are already looking for a job or a job-change. You can do far better.

Since the next toptalents are already identified and vetted by you and by your key clients, you will save precious and very costly leadtime compared to a traditional headhunting process - and you get to pick from the global toptalent ranks - all in good time.

This is safeguarding productivity and key clients. 

Even though you go to great lenghts keeping your critical roles occupied with your current toptalents, they will eventually move on to other roles internally or externally. This is why you need to be prepared.


Based on our findings in Part 1 (Engagement) we focus our efforts on identifying toptalents in similar roles, currently doing wonders for your competitors, for global players in related industries and not least to discover top talent already holding the capabilities you are going to need in the future.

We map them globally, engage with them, interview them, test their personality and cognitive skills, inquire into their past, assess their geo mobility and their remuneration package ask.

When we are done these toptalents are good to go, vetted by you and by your key clients - and you know their cost.

We maintain the pipeline of stars for your critical roles for as long as you prefer, report every quarter and we offer industry exclusivity to major clients.



Thomas has recruited VP level positions and below for Vestas. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the candidates we ended up hiring as well as the process, Thomas is very experienced in both search and selection including testing.


Furthermore I have used Thomas and his company on several organizational development initiatives, most recently 2 projects one being centered around competency assessment and development of a global sourcing organisation and another one focusing on customer evaluation and perception of a global function.


In both cases Thomas has been able to deliver strong results in a short period of time. His approach is hands-on and results-oriented, and making sure that expectations are clearly aligned up front and delivered upon.

Torben Poulsen, Koncerndirektør, Group Sales & Operations (EVP) at SE