Keep your critical roles busy by engaging and thus preserving the critical talent in them.




your business advantage (results)

how it works (process)

Keeping your critical roles occupied by critical talent - provides you with a huge competitive advantage. It is known by most great companies that a few critical roles - relative to the rest of your organization - generate up to 30 % of your revenues. 

It is always worth while looking into whether that is in fact reflected in your talents terms and working conditions. Perhaps you want to ask your self if you have done that lately.

If you keep these roles occupied with talent capable of delivering close to 100% in momentum at all times - you will beat competition. 

Toptalent in critical roles increase productivity in organizations. They serve as beacons for their peers and other colleagues and they attract more business.

The smartest way to succeed with this is to secure the talent you already hold in your critical roles - for as long as it makes sense.

We explain how we work

You explain the heart of your business in terms of:

  • business and people strategy

  • mission

  • your edge

  • the look of success in numbers

  • key clients

  • key people as you se it

We interview executives to spot and map current critical roles

We report our preliminary findings and agree on which people to help secure in these roles

We interview your toptalents and map their aspirations, energizers and their motivation to stay

We report each talent and individually suggest the means necessary to hold on to and further inspire them.



Thomas has been an excellent sparring partner and active coach in bringing our leadership team from level 1 to level 5 in the Drexler Sibbet High Performance team model. Furthermore he has contributed significantly by search and recruitment of key competencies/people as well as competence assessment linked to individual development plans of all employees in our area.

Egil Møller Nielsen, SVP, Head of business, SmartCentres